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Introducing Whatever for Couples 🥰

Here's what's new with Whatever 2.0!

Hello again 👋 

Last week, we announced that we’re moving Whatever into a new direction. Today, we’re excited to give you a sneak peek of what we’ve been been working on.

In a recent interview with Business Insider, I shared our mission to combat the loneliness epidemic by enhancing relationships through meaningful in-person experiences.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on our journey, you know that we believe there’s a growing desire for deeper connections that are experienced IRL.

look how cute we are 🥰

We just announced the launch of Whatever on our social channels and would super appreciate if you could give us some love on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. ❤️ 

So, what’s new with Whatever?

Relationships are hard. We all know how important they are, but often neglect putting the time and effort it takes to make sure they’re in a good spot.

Our new focus revolves around helping couples maintain vibrant relationships by ensuring they never stop dating. 😉

No surprise here - one of the key ingredients for a healthy relationship is dating on a a regular cadence. Dates play a pivotal role in the long-term happiness and vitality of any partnership.

Whatever makes the process of planning date nights super easy so you can enjoy quality time with your partner.

We're developing a platform that will allow you to discover date ideas in your area with AI-assisted planning, and ways to connect with other couples.

We're ultimately here to spark new adventures for you and your partner. 🔥

Discover new date ideas

There are so many ways to discover date ideas these days, but it’s quite all over the place — usually consisting a mix of TikTok, Instagram, Yelp and online blogs.

Whatever curates date ideas from all over the internet, streamlining your planning with all the essential details. You and your partner will be able to browse new local experiences together.

Turn those plans into real dates

Personally, I find myself sending ideas and links to my husband all the time, but we rarely turn them into plans. On top of that, I usually need to do additional research on search or booking platforms.

There isn't a platform that allows you easy access to your favorites, or even to browse what your partner wants to do too. We want to make sure your saved plans turn into actionable dates for you and your partner!

We’ll keep all your plans neatly organized in one place, providing easy access to essential details such as locations, times, costs, reviews, reservations, tickets and directions.

Always have your next date planned

Research suggests that weekly dates are key to fostering a deeper connection with your partner, and we’re here to make sure you’re always one step ahead!

When it comes to organizing your dates, AI will handle the heavy lifting, from suggesting ideas and creating the plan to even booking reservations when supported.

Whatever will also sync up you and your partner's calendars to make finding the perfect time easy.

Track your dates and memories

With Whatever, it’s like having your own love journal - track your past dates and store all those sweet, sentimental tidbits that make your relationship special. Whether it’s anniversaries, birthdays, or simply knowing your partner’s favorite color and coffee order, we’ve got you covered.

Stay tuned!!!

We’re just getting started and we have SO many ideas on how to expand upon our new direction. We plan on rolling out our Testflight very soon and can’t wait to have you all test out Whatever.

Keep an eye out for updates on Instagram and Discord. As always, thank you for supporting our startup journey.

Just doing whatever ✌️
Mallory Loar

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