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Here’s what’s new at Whatever ✌️

We’re building away and eager to have you try out Whatever

Hello to all of you,

Before we begin, we just wanted to quickly share how excited we are to see so many new people join our waitlist! It’s been a few months since our last message to you as the team has been hard at work.

But, we finally have some updates to share with you with you :)

We’re stoked to announce that you’ll be able to test out Whatever this June. Our Alpha launch will let you plan all your social gatherings with your friends, from dinner parties to board game nights! You can send invites, gather RSVPs, add events to your calendar and poll for group consensus all in one place!

Easily gather everyone together: Planning a hike? Maybe an outdoor movie night? If you’re trying to wrangle everyone in the group chat, but can’t settle on a time or date, have no fear: Whatever is here to help. Offer your friends a set of time options and have everyone choose the best time.

Let the group decide: Not sure what to do? We know what it's like to be the one who does the planning for the whole group chat. You know, the proactive friend who sends three different dinner options and still can't get a consensus?! Create a poll directly in Whatever and let the group vote on it.

You will have the ability to test out Whatever via iOS, Android and web! Just use whatever you want, ya’know?

Follow us on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter where we post updates, fun behind the scenes moments and plenty of other stuff. One more thing, we also have a Discord server that you can join where you can directly chat with us and the Whatever community. We’re all really good at counting to a million. Believe us.

Just doing whatever,
Mallory Loar
CEO & Co-Founder

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