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  • Deciding on summer plans? Vote for whatever, on whatever 🤠

Deciding on summer plans? Vote for whatever, on whatever 🤠

Whatever now has new ways to poll the group chat

What’s new @ Whatever

It’s that time again! This week, we've got some new features and plans coming at ya like a water-soaked slip n' slide.

Summer is in full swing, and we’re celebrating with some exciting updates. If you're planning a kayak trip, BBQ or a pool party with your nearest and dearest, Whatever is here to help you in your planning endeavors. 🫡

Polls, more polls and AI! 🪄

We've heard your feedback: Whatever has been updated with additional polling options, edit options and refreshed designs.

Enjoy the ease of single-choice voting, multiple choice, ranked choice, and even let AI generate poll questions and options for you — aka let the robots do some work, so you can do more of, y’know, whatever.

Maybe you’re planning a night out with the girls and you need to get the vibe check. Easily ask the group a question and let AI help you come up with the options.

Going through an existential crisis and dying to find out who in the group believes in aliens? Create a poll and settle the age-old question.

Are we alone in this vast universe, or are the greys among us? (There’s obviously only one answer to this question, and whoever picks wrong is a spy planted by extraterrestrials.)

In all seriousness though, whether you're racking your brain about what game to play for game night, or desperately trying to decipher everyone's food cravings for your BBQ. We’ve got the tools you need to settle these tough decisions, so you can keep the good vibes flowing and focus on having a good time. ☀️✨

To get started, login to Whatever ➡️ create a new plan ➡️ add a new poll in the "poll" section ➡️ type and or choose a question ➡️ watch AI help you come up with options and ideas ⚡️

Need inspo ideas for summer plans?

Introducing our new “things to do” series that we will be dropping on our blog and social channels over the next few months.

Join us as we share our top places and things to do from our favorite cities. We hope these places will help inspire your plans on Whatever. ✨

We know how it feels to use a million different review sites to find the best place to go with your friends. You end up spending more time doing research than enjoying the experience itself!

Sit back, relax, and let us make the plan for you.

This week we’re starting off in the city of angels 👼 Los Angeles. Forget about your basic bitch group dinners at Catch LA or Nobu. Take a look at these places you need to visit instead.

What are you planning on Whatever? 🧐

We would love to see the types of plans you’re cooking up with friends. Don’t be shy and share your plans by joining our Discord community or hit us up on TikTok and Instagram.

The Whatever team has been planning everything, including movie nights, anniversaries, date nights, team outings, baseball games, and countless dinners.

Stay cool amidst the summer heat as we keep you posted on all things Whatever. Until we meet again! ✌️

Happy summer planning,
Mallory Loar
CEO & Co-Founder

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