Welcome to Whatever

We’re excited to have you try out our Whatever alpha this summer 😎

Welcome to Whatever.

Why hello! πŸ‘‹ You've landed on this page because you're probably curious about what we do. Well, let me tell you that at Whatever, we're all about doing whatever. πŸ˜‰

But in all seriousness, Whatever is on a mission is to help you and your friends experience the world together. We're in the business of bringing people together IRL through shared experiences in order to foster deeper relationships.

Why build Whatever?

I was inspired to start Whatever a few months after I left my previous job at Discord. I've always enjoyed the startup life - there's something about being collectively passionate about an idea and building it with people you believe in and love working with.

I've spent the last 10 years of my career focused on building communities. Not only has it been the focus on my career, but in my personal life as well. I firmly believe that community is a fundamental need for all human beings.

Technology is continuing to trend towards building more online spaces, but there's a real need for IRL connection. I was saddened when I read numerous articles about the ongoing loneliness epidemic with both gen-z's and millennials and immediately knew I needed to work on something that could make impact towards this problem.

The internet is great and all, but we still need some face-to-face connection in our lives.

We know how it is to be the one stuck planning everything for the group, sending a million options and still not getting anywhere. That's why we're here to help you get your plans out of the group chat and into the real world!

Join our alpha

I am are thrilled to announce that Whatever is finally rolling out starting today and in the coming weeks. More than 3,000 of you have signed up for our waitlist! This means we will be sending out alpha codes throughout the next few weeks so keep an πŸ‘€ for an email from Whatever.

During this alpha phase, you'll experience the core of Whatever's features. You can easily plan group activities, poll your friends for decisions, manage RSVPs, and more! This is your chance to shape the future of social planning with us. We can't wait to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas as we work together to create the ultimate social planning platform.

To access Whatever, you'll need to sign up for our waitlist in order to receive a code and instructions on how to use Whatever.

This is just the beginning! Whatever will evolve based on your feedback and needs. The team will continue building new features and we will update you as we roll them out. Don't forget to join our community on Discord, where you can connect with other users, share your experiences, and engage directly with our team.

Follow us on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter where we post updates, fun behind the scenes moments and plenty of other stuff.

- Mallory Loar
CEO & Co-Founder

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