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  • Whatever launches this week!! 🚀

Whatever launches this week!! 🚀

See our recommended plans for LA & SF this weekend + let Whatever fill out your plan details for you

Oh hey there 👋

It’s time for another week of Whatever (updates).

This time, we’ve rustled up some fresh features for you to tinker with and cooked up some fun suggestions on what to plan with your pals this weekend in both Los Angeles & San Francisco.

First, let’s dive into what’s new in the app.

Let Whatever fill out your plans 📝

First off, we've revamped the entire event creation flow. Now you can simply type in all the details of your event upfront, and our trusty AI will fill in the rest for you.

So, if you're planning a "Wine tasting this Sunday at 2 PM at Ram's Gate," it'll pre-populate the title, description, time, and location. We’ll do the hard work for you, no sweat.

What helps keep a gate up? Poles. And speaking of poles, the Polls in the "When" and "Where" sections of events have received a stylish makeover. ✨

If you’re struggling to decide where to stuff your face or slurp up some drinks, fire up a poll and let AI suggest places in your area. Need the hippest ramen joint? Or a place to hike with friends? Whatever’s got your back. We’re hyped about this update, and we hope you are too!

You can now sync your contacts with Whatever and effortlessly fire off invites to friends you've recently planned events with on Whatever—no more sorting through your contacts.

Oh, and say goodbye to alpha codes! While we're still in an early alpha testing phase, we made the process a bit smoother for users: just send the TestFlight link to your friends to try out Whatever without the hassle of codes.

The happenings in LA & SF this week 📆

Looking to make some plans with friends this weekend? Here are some SF & LA recs from the Whatever team.

  • Drink delicious matcha at Stonemill Matcha: this beloved cafe that features matcha drinks and other delicious Japanese bites (like my favorite egg salad sandwiches!! 😫) will be closing on Aug 27. Just like everyone else on TikTok & Instagram, we are devastated. Catch the last few weeks of Stonemill before it closes down.

  • Free museum day at the Museum of African Diaspora: visits are free to the public on the second Saturday of each month! Bring your art-aficionado friends for a relaxing and educational break this weekend.

  • Try out a new seafood restaurant, Little Shucker: this is a new raw bar destination from the folks behind the Snug, just opened its doors on Fillmore Street last week. Head there for lobster rolls, baked oysters, a raw bar, caviar service, wine, and low-ABV cocktails.

  • Outside Lands: we obviously can’t forget to mention OSL. If you’re like me and don’t have tickets, you should check out OSL night show featuring No Vacation or Poolside. If you're festival-bound, hit up Smish Smash for the Bay's best burgers, or swing by Chef Smelly for their legendary garlic noodles.

  • Eras Tour Photo Popup: the Eras tour was back in LA this week! If you couldn’t score tickets (like me) take some fun photos in beautifully decorated rooms representing each Era.

  • Bidstitch Flea: the coolest new flea market is coming to LA this weekend. Swing by the Pasadena flea market on August 12th, 10 AM - 4 PM, for vintage finds, art, and jewelry.

  • Enchant in Ktown: LA’s newest whimsical Asian Fusion restaurant. If you’re a sucker for garden & fairy vibes paired with delicious KFC (Korean fried chicken), check out Enchant! Stop by for brunch, dinner, drinks, or cute pictures all in one place.

Whatever is looking for testers 🧪

Do you consider yourself to be a type A planner? Are you someone that is constantly hanging out with friends? Do you consistently organize plans? We are looking for someone like yourself to help us build Whatever. If you fit the bill, we would love to chat with you. All you need to do is reply to this email.

Don’t be shy, join our Discord community or hit us up on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. Until next time 👋

Just doin whatever,
Mallory Loar
CEO & Co-founder


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